EB Flight Training
A flight training provider in Daytona Beach
Operated by current airline pilots
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Fast Track Flight Training
We offer fast paced flight training. Perfect for students looking to start their airline career.
Aircraft Rental
Easy aircraft rental.
Access to our scheduling software allows for 24/7 booking.
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EB Flight Training

A flight training provider in Daytona Beach Operated by airline pilots for up and coming airline pilots

Daytona's First Choice Flight School

EB Flight Training is perfect for those looking to pursue a career in aviation. Ask about our fast track program!

We also cater to students looking for part-time training. We work with your schedule.

About Us

EB Flight Training values transparency and commitment. Our goal is to be transparent when it comes to pricing, training, and our practices. We are committed to only providing the best flight instruction.

Our Services

EB Flight Training is a full-service flight academy and airplane rental facility

Flight Training

We provide professional flight training for career and recreational students.

Aircraft Rental

Our Cessna fleet is perfect for renting. 24/7 access to our fleet and overnights are approved.

Time Building

Our commercial students have the ability to build hours towards the 250 hour minimum.

Ground School

We offer monthly ground school classes for our courses. Contact us for class dates.

Why Choose Us


We are committed to safety and teach the FAA safety culture.


Our fleet is maintained by a professional aviation maintenance facility.


Our curriculum was developed to teach students the correct way. We do not cut corners when it comes to learning.


Our CFI's know their subject matter. They value their knowledge and their student's time.

Client Testimonials

"Great flight school! Very easy to work with and very accommodating, they are focused on getting your ratings as fast as possible while maintaining excellent quality of training. The planes they have are also great to fly. Highly recommend this flight school."
Matthew T.
"Scheduled a Discovery Flight with Elijah and it was one of the best decisions of my life! Very professional and knowledgeable. It was my first time being in a Cessna 172 and loved every minute! Elijah is top notch for sure!!"
Jason B.
"Eli is a great guy to work with. He is professional and knowledgeable. He also keeps the environment chill and not stressful at all. Definitely would recommend if you are looking to take a flight course! I scheduled a high performance endorsement with him and within those 2 flights I decided to swap schools over to his to do my cfi, best choice I made!"
Tristan J.


Schedule a discovery flight with us and experience what it’s like to fly an airplane.