Discovery Flight

Each discovery flight is approximately an hour long and is intended to familiarize you with the airplane, airport, and flying environment. You will be able to fly the airplane with an instructor giving you instruction. Typically, the prospective student will receive instruction on climbs, turns and descents. Depending on comfort level, the instructor may even introduce a private pilot maneuver.

The student will meet with the instructor on the day of the discovery flight, where he will guide the student to the airplane and perform a preflight inspection. Once the inspection is complete, the airplane will be started and flown to the local practice area. At a safe altitude, the instructor will give the student controls and provide instruction on the fundamentals of flight.

A discovery flight is a great gift idea for those considering taking flying lessons.

To schedule a discovery flight, or purchase a discovery flight voucher, send us a message.

*Payment required prior to booking.
Ride alongs welcome, weight and balance permitting. $25 extra per additional person.