Our promise is to be forthcoming about the cost of flight training. Training is billed per lesson. Please see our course estimates to budget wisely.

Item Name Price
Flight Instruction $65/hour
Pre/Post Flight $65/hour
Ground Instruction $65/hour
Cessna 172 (wet) $155/hour
Cessna 182 (TAA) (dry) $155/hour

Costs not associated with EB Flight Training

Item Name Price
FAA Medical Exam (under 40 years old) $90
FAA Medical Exam (40 years old or over) $150
ForeFlight Basic Plus $120/year
iPad mini $500-700
Aviation Headset $1055
FAA Knowledge Test $175
FAA Checkride Examiner Fee $800-900
TSA Background Check (non-US citizens) $130



Time-Building (bulk hours only)

Item Name Price
Airplane – deposit of $5,000 $150
Airplane – deposit of $10,000 $146